Welcome to the new Blackford Fiddle Group website - well not yet because it is still being built. Come back soon.

Blackford Fiddle Group (BFG) is a community music group with members of all ages and abilities. We meet weekly on Fridays in Blackford, Perthshire to learn and play traditional music on fiddles and other instruments. BFG provides support to people as they learn and members are encouraged to help each other. We offer some basic tuition and sometimes hire tutors to help us.  BFG plays to entertain others at ceilidhs, concerts and other events.

Most people enjoy playing music no matter when they start learning. We try to make learning easy and good fun and as informal as possible. You do not need any previous experience and we have no tests or auditions. We teach people to play by ear but can also provide music books if you want one. We can even lend you a fiddle.

The group was set up in 1996 and over the years has had hundreds of members; ages from 6 to over 80.  Many have become expert players and most gain enough confidence to play to entertain others.  We all learn from each other and it is our better players that most often support beginners and improvers.


If you are thinking of learning the best thing to do is to come along and to give it a try.  If you can play already then you will immediately be able to join in.

As well as fiddles, we have had flutes, guitars, whistles, small pipes, harmonica, concertina, bass, cellos and occasionally other instruments.